7 fights per night

Every night except on Sunday, from 9pm until 11pm

Big Stadium

The biggest of Chiang Mai City and it’s area

Real Muay Thai Fights

Discover the Thai national sport, with fighters from all around Thailand and some internationals champions

Welcome to Thai Boxing Chiang Mai

Watch a real Thai Boxing Fight in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the main and biggest stadium of the city.

Thai boxing, or muay-thai (Thai: มวยไทย, “boxing of the Thai people”), abbreviated Thai boxing, is a martial art, and more precisely, a sport of combat, classified in the West among the boxes feet fists.

Thai boxing originated in ancestral martial practices, especially in muay boran (traditional boxing) and krabong krabi (practice with weapons). It is the most popular boxing in Southeast Asia (Burmese boxing, Khmer boxing, Laotian boxing, Vietnamese boxing) and owes its popularity to the fact that it is a professionalised national discipline. His practice allows many practitioners, athletes (even very young), coaches, managers and promoters, to live. It represents a lucrative market in Thailand generating around it a significant economy.

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7 fights per night, must-see in Chiang Mai

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